Boat Plan Documents

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24m WORK CAT.pdf
15m Ferry Issue 2.pdf
12m cat full height wheel house CTMD.pdf
248-PR (12m dumb barge).pdf
Alumarine 12m Landing Barge Catamaran GA.pdf
11.9m Z bow rib issue 2.pdf
11.8M FERRY ISSUE 3.pdf
10.5m landing craft cat CTMD GA.pdf
10.5m wave piercer cat.pdf

8.5m crew boat GA CTMD.pdf
8m work cat.pdf
232-10 (6.5m DUMB BARGE).pdf
6.5m punt (AFT CABIN).pdf
6m displacement work boat issue 2.pdf
6.0m punt MW Tender 2525.pdf
5.9m punt -ALUMARINE 2.pdf
5.8m Hardtop CTMD.pdf

Our Boats For Sale

Tourism Z bow Catamaran 12m x 5.5m

12m x 5.5m Z bow catamaran. This is our largest coxswain vessel achieving 50 pax and 2 crew in 1C survey. Quad rig with 4 x 250hp–325hp outboards.
Achieves top speed of 38-40 knots.
A variety of super structures are available, and the internal layouts and fitout’s are customised to suit the individual client requirements.
This cat is also a landing craft with bow door and optional stern platform.

Tourism Z bow catamaran 9m x 4m

9m x 4m verison of the Z bow catamaran, for 25 pax in e and D class survey. With twin 250hp outboards with a top speed of 38 knots.
A variety of super structures are available, and the internal layouts and fitout’s are customised to suit the individual client requirements.
This cat is also a landing craft with bow door and optional stern platform.

12m Landing Craft:

With 5.5m beam, 1C and 1D survey for 50 pax, powered by 2 x 250hp outboards, achieving top speed of 36 knots lightship.
Deck Carrying ability of 11 tonne. hydraulic bow door, capable of carrying two Toyota Landcruisers.

12m Alloy catamaran Motor/sailer

12m catamaran, 5.5m beam, motor/sailer.
Class 1D & 1C AMSA survey for 44 pax, 18 knots hull speed.
Recommended HP 2 x 60, high thrust motors will give a good economy and a 10-12 knot cruise speed under power.

Harbour Cat from Carol Buckley on Vimeo.

Mac Boats

Mac 570

Mac 570 Fisherman

Mac 570 HighSides

Mac Attack

Alloy or Gal Trailers

Mac Boats

Smartwave 4.8m

4.8m Smartwave, custom alloy trailer,
40hp Yamaha outboard, electric start, tilt/trim. Will achieve D, E or f class survey (AMSA)
As pictured $19,999 plus GST. Or with 30hp Suzuki, 2 stroke outboard, $15,500 plus GST.

New, hull only, open boat, tiller steer version $8,500 plus GST
New hull only, with centre console & seating, $9,900 plus GST.

Custom alloy trailer available for $3K plus GST.

9m Catamaran Landing Craft

9m wave-piercing catamaran landing craft.
4 tonne cargo carrying ability, can fit a Toyota Landcruiser on the deck, powered by 2 x 250 hp Suzuki 4 strokes, giving a top speed lightship of 36 knots.
2C AMSA survey, Fassi M30 deck crane.
$360K plus GST.

New 15m x 4.6m vehicle/work barge

New 15m x 4.6m vehicle/work barge, LOA 22m with door down. 2 x 250hp, 4 stroke outboards.
D class survey (AMSA) Could achieve C class. Hydraulic door, bilge system, deck wash.
This vessel has 6 water tight compartments and a deck rating of 20 tonne.
Lightship speed of 20 knots. Fuel capacity 500 litres. Excellent electronics.
$495K. plus GST.

New Build, 12m x 6m Cat Barge

New build, 12m x 6m cat barge, able to be dismantled for transport.
Consists of two hulls with 4 watertight compartments in each, 5 bridge deck sections, the aft section has the console, motors electrics & steering all intact, nothing to be disconnected.
10-15 tonne deck loading ability, removable hand rails.
$260 plus GST.

New Build, landing craft/workboat

$295K plus GST

10m x 3.2m Pontoon Boat:

10m x 3.2m pontoon boat, very shallow draft, excellent stability, 130 hp Honda, 4 stroke outboard with 90 hours, hydraulic steering. $60K plus GST.

7.5m V Nose Punt:

7.5m V nose punt, new build, in 2D survey (vic) with 115hp Suzuki, 4 stroke with hydraulic steering.
Tandem alloy drive on/off trailer. $90K plus GST.

Slipway Winch:

Diesel powered slipway winch, 4 cyl Ford diesel, all in excellent cond.
$5K plus GST.

Leesha from Carol Buckley on Vimeo.

Crossing the Inverloch entrance bar on Inverloch Charters "Leesha."

leesha cat underway from Carol Buckley on Vimeo.

Harbour Cat | Ucruise Sydney from Carol Buckley on Vimeo.


Suzuki Outboards
Suzuki Outboards

Tohatsu Outboards
Tohatsu Outboards


Our Boats - Models


Range in size from 6m to 15m in length. Built using marine grade 5083 plate, full transverse frames – not just pressing sheets. All vessels are built to AMSA commercial survey standards, USL code.

(National Standard for commercial vessels NSCV)

Full cabins, cuddy cabs or centre console, to suit your needs.

Repairs & Alterations:

Custom built trailers:

Using 160 x 100mm RHS or 100 x 50mm RHS sections and I beam sections. Gusseted at every connection & stress point with doubling plates.

Teflon covered alloy cradles or bilge skids for drive on/off capabilities. Fully supporting your vessel.

We can also fabricate a complete trailer to fit your existing under carriage (wheels, axles etc). Making costs lower.